Tools to raise standards of teaching and learning

The Holocaust poses unique challenges in the classroom.
Our lesson plans and accompanying materials respond directly to empirical research into the needs of teachers and students, and are informed by the latest in Holocaust pedagogy.

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Striving to live

This classroom material comprises two one hour lessons. These two […]

Lesson materials to support ‘After the War’, a novel by Tom Palmer

On the 14th August 1945, 300 Jewish child survivors of the […]

British responses to the Holocaust

Our research shows that students lack an understanding of British […]

What was a Nazi concentration camp?

Our research shows that students have a limited, often Auschwitz-centric, […]

Narrative links

Gyula Frenkel was imprisoned in the Vapniarca concentration camp in […]

A space called ‘Treblinka’

Within our popular historical consciousness the Holocaust is often characterised […]

Nazi antisemitism: Where did it come from?

As our research indicates, students commonly have misconceptions about the […]

A note from Leon

The powerful story of Leon Greenman, ‘an Englishman in Auschwitz’, […]

Centre for Holocaust Education, subject knowledge

Teacher Guidelines – preparation for ITE

As preparation for your ITE day on teaching about the […]