How do we help young people grapple with all they have encountered in learning about the Holocaust? How do we support students to make sense of their new knowledge and in their efforts to make meaning? 

Here, we offer guidance on an approach (with accompanying illustrative material) you might employ to support students embark on a reflective journey as they come to the end of a Scheme of Learning on the Holocaust. 

With an appreciation of the needs of your students, the scheme of learning you have worked through, and your professional context, this downloadable guidance is intended to help you draw out reflective and reflexive thinking from your students.  

This guidance shares ideas on how you might support students assimilate their newfound knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust, and wrestle with some of the challenging questions we are left with. Such questions might stimulate discussion of a moral or ethical nature and explore ideas around what it means to be human.  


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So what Guidance Document July 2023

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So What Illustrative Material July 2023

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