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  • Hero image: Photo of Leon Greenman – Getty images –  5 yr license purchased (2021)

LONDON – DECEMBER 9: Auschwitz survivor Mr. Leon Greenman, prison number 98288, displays his number tattoo on December 9, 2004 at the Jewish Museum in London, England. Mr. Greenman O.B.E age 93 and a British citizen, spent three years of his life in six different concentration camps during World War II and since 1946 he has tirelessly recounted his life through his personal exhibition at the museum where he conducts educational events to all age groups.  (Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

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  • Textbook: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Photograph Number: 14679
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  • Core CPD: Photo of Leon Greenman – Getty images – license purchased (see above)
  • Core CPD: Photo of gloved hands with shoe – Olivia Hemingway
  • Core CPD: Striving to live: how did Jewish people respond and resist during the Holocaust? – Image of cannisters and buried notes – State Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau,
  • Core CPD: Surviving survival? Life and trauma after the Holocaust – Photo of Leon Greenman – Getty images
  • Core CPD: Now we know about the Holocaust, so what? Young people and meaning making – Detail from the painting ‘Memorial’ by Samuel Bak, courtesy of Pucker Gallery
  • Masters module: Detail from Deportation of Korczak Orphanage Warsaw Ghetto, 1942, by artist Itzchak Belfer.
  • Additional CPD workshops: Authentic encounters: how can original artefacts enrich our understanding of the Holocaust? – Still from film – Jewish Museum, London
  • Additional CPD workshops: Forgotten history: what happened in the East and how do we know? – Map from the UCL Centre textbook ‘Understanding the Holocaust: how and why did it happen’, with kind permission


  • Hero image: Olivia Hemingway
  • Classroom materials link image: Olivia Hemingway
  • Online resources link image: stock image – UCL
  • Textbook – as above United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Photograph Number: 1467
  • Narrative links: Yad Vashem Artifacts Collection. Courtesy of George Frenkel, NY, USA & Julius Frenkel, Jerusalem, Israel
  • Life in Plauen: Image of Plauen synagogue ongoing. Photographs and images are credited where possible. We are keen to ensure we have credited all copyright holders, please contact us if you know of the copyright holder.
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  • Classroom materials
    Main image: Olivia Hemingway
    Classroom materials Hero image: Emile Holba (CfHE own copyrite)Pedagogical guidance main image: IOE media library
    Ordinary things?: Olivia Hemingway
    Jewish life in Europe: Olivia Hemingway
    Authentic encounters: Olivia Hemingway (main image), Jewish Museum London (small image)
    What was the Holocaust?: Olivia Hemingway
    “Why didn’t the Jews fight back?”: Jacques Lahitte
    Telling the story of ‘resistance’: Auschwitz State Museum
    Being human?: United States Holocaust Museum, courtesy of Richard Freimark William O. McWorkman
    ‘Liberation’ and ‘Home’: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Stuart McKeever
    The first year: Olivia Hemingway (main image), The Evening Standard (small image)
    Surviving survival: TBC
    The void: Manon Wilbrink
    German Jews and the Holocaust: (main image)


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  • Textbook – as above


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