The course is designed as a basic starting point to acquaint you with some of the main issues arising from the Centre’s research, their implications, and some initial practical ideas about how to start addressing them in the classroom.

Based on the our ground-breaking research into ‘What do students know and understand about the Holocaust?’ (2016) this course identifies six key areas in Holocaust education that educators are encouraged to address with students. They are all areas that the research indicates students have a significant lack of knowledge and understanding, such as the idea that responsibility for the crime of the Holocaust was much broader than just Hitler’s. They each encourage students to reflect on misconceptions they may hold and help start to build a more robust, nuanced understanding of this period of history.

This course is self-paced and can be followed at any time of your choice. It consists of 6 video clips, lasting between 5 and 9 minutes. The 8 video clips in total last nearly 50 minutes. Whilst it is recommended the video clips are watched in sequence, this is not essential to the course. Specific clips can be played in isolation from each other too if necessary. After each of the 6 main video clips there is a brief interactive quiz that can be used to test your knowledge of some of the most salient points. Each quiz contains 2 multiple-choice questions, and you can see how you have done after completing it.

How to access the course:

  1. Login to UCL Extend (if you do not already have an account you will need to create one)
  2. Access the course
    NB. if you try to access the course before logging in you will receive a message saying the course is not available.
  3. Enter the enrolment key: sixthings