Since 2009, thousands of teachers across England have participated in the Centre’s CPD programme. Using surveys, interviews and focus groups, the Centre’s research team have evaluated the different elements of the programme to explore the views and experiences of teachers. The feedback received helps to ensure the sessions, courses, and teaching materials we offer continue to be responsive to the needs of teachers and students.


99%  said they would

recommend the CPD to their colleagues


“Making the Holocaust accessible to KS3 students is no easy feat. It is a harder feat to do so whilst still also maintaining great sensitivity and compassion. This CPD, in both its resources and its delivery, achieved both those feats exceptionally well.”


93% said the CPD supported

their teaching about the Holocaust ‘a lot’


         “Excellent resources and a very new, fresh and visual way of teaching the Holocaust. It made me think about how I teach more generally in many areas.”


89% of teachers said the course

would contribute to their pedagogical practice in other topics


“The Beacon School Programme has improved my teaching, made me more reflective and is the best CPD I have ever received (after 15 years of teaching). The programme focuses on the whole package: subject knowledge and pedagogy – I don’t think I have ever been on a CPD programme that does both at the same time. I look forward to continuing to share your work and working with you all in the future.”

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