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Dr Rebecca Hale

Rebecca Hale is part of the research team and one of the authors of the Centre’s publication: What do students know and understand about the Holocaust? Evidence from English secondary schools. She leads the Centre’s quantitative research to explore the impact of the Centre’s professional development programmes for teachers.


Becky is a fully qualified secondary school teacher, having gained a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from the University of Leicester and working as a Psychology and Humanities teacher in Peterborough. In 2007 she moved to Keele University to complete an MSc in Psychological Research Methods, followed by a PhD in Psychology to explore parents’ experiences when their children are bullied. Whilst completing her PhD, Becky worked as a research assistant on a number of projects in the fields of psychology, education, and health. She joined the Centre in 2013 to work on the national study with secondary school students, and now oversees the quantitative work streams of the Centre’s research including exploration of the impact of Holocaust education on teaching practice and students’ learning. Having expertise in mixed methods research, Becky also contributes to the Centre’s qualitative research. Additionally, since 2013, Becky has led the evaluation of the Centre's Beacon School programme to explore teachers’ experiences of the programme and how it influences their approaches to teaching about the Holocaust.

Becky’s research interests include: the possibilities and challenges of impact research in Holocaust education; how teaching about the Holocaust is framed and approached in primary schools; and how psychology students relate their knowledge and understanding of social psychology to their knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust.

Becky is the Departmental Ethics Coordinator for the Department of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment within the UCL Institute of Education. Becky is also a registered PRINCE2 practitioner.


Selected publications:

Hale, R. (2018). Reflections on what year 7 students know and understand about the Holocaust: an argument for empirical research in English primary schools. In C.C.W. Szejnmann, P. Cowan and J. Griffiths (Eds) Holocaust Education in Primary Schools in the 21st Century. Current Practices, Potentials and Ways Forward. London: Palgrave Macmillan.


Chapman, A. and Hale, R. (2017). Understanding what young people know: methodological and theoretical challenges in researching young people’s knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust. Holocaust Studies, 23, 3, 289-313.

Hale, R., Fox, C.L., and Murray, M. (2017) “As a parent you become a tiger”: Parents talking about bullying at school. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 26, 7, 2000-2015.

Lamont, A., Murray, M., Hale, R., and Wright-Bevans, K. (2017). Singing in later life: the anatomy of a community choir. Psychology of Music, 1-16.

Foster, S., Pettigrew, A., Pearce, A., Hale, R., Burgess, A., Salmons, P., & Lenga. RA. (2016). What do students know and understand about the Holocaust? Evidence from English secondary schools. UCL: London.

Fox, C.L., Hale, R., & Gadd, D. (2013). Domestic abuse prevention education: listening to the views of young people. Sex Education, 14, 1, 28-41.

Gadd, D., Fox, C.L., & Hale, R. (2013). Preliminary steps towards a more preventative approach to eliminating violence against women in Europe. European Journal of Criminology, 11, 4, 464-480.


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