6 things you should know about the Holocaust

This is a new self-study course for KS3 students that looks at 6 common misconceptions about the Holocaust, and how evidence can be used to arrive at a more accurate understanding of what happened. Starting by asking ‘What was the Holocaust?’, it goes on to look at issues such as who was responsible, where it took place, what Britain’s reaction to the Holocaust was, what camps were like, and how Jewish people resisted, despite the horrors they faced.

Each short lesson is just 20 minutes long and consists of a set of slides that introduce the misconception, explore some evidence, and have a short quiz at the end and a summary for students to reflect on how new knowledge has shaped their understanding of some key aspects of the Holocaust.

We really look forward to seeing how your understanding of some key aspects of the Holocaust develops. Hopefully this course might inspire you to look at some of other courses, which explore the Holocaust in more depth.

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