Teaching History – special editions

Teaching History is the most prestigious journal for history teachers in the UK.

Members of the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education team, were invited to co-edit the Historical Association’s journal Teaching History in two special editions that explore innovative and effective approaches to teaching about the Holocaust in and outside of the classroom.

2010 – The Holocaust edition

This edition offers an important contribution to evolving thinking about the ways in which teaching and learning practices interpret the Holocaust. All the articles presented in this edition ask questions about the ways in which things have often been done, or make suggestions about doing things differently. The articles express a number of perspectives: those of classroom teachers, of teacher educators, of museum curators; and also – through the contribution of UCL – of specialists in Holocaust education.

Articles and features include:

Teaching History 141_December 2010

2013 – The Holocaust and other genocides

This special edition provides an opportunity to celebrate and share some of the work of our Beacon Schools. These schools work intensively and collaboratively with us in designing new approaches and classroom materials, then disseminating this new thinking to other schools. Distributed to every school in the country, we hope this edition will contribute to further innovation in teaching and learning about the Holocaust and other genocides.

Articles and features include:

Teaching History 153_December 2013