Teaching about the Holocaust in English Secondary Schools

This ground-breaking report Teaching About the Holocaust in English Secondary Schools: An empirical study of national trends, perspectives and practice explores when, where, how and why the Holocaust is taught in state-maintained secondary schools in England.

Teaching About the Holocaust in English Secondary Schools

Before designing its CPD programme, the Centre for Holocaust Education considered it imperative to find out more about what was already happening in classrooms across the country and to listen to teachers about their experiences, needs and challenges in teaching about the Holocaust.

The challenges and issues identified have been used to design and develop the world’s first research-informed programme of teacher professional development in Holocaust education.

The landmark national research that underpins this report employed a two-phase mixed methodology. This comprised an online survey which was completed by more than 2,000 respondents and follow-up interviews with 68 teachers in 24 different schools throughout England.

The report is the largest endeavour of its kind in the United Kingdom in both scope and scale. The authors hope it will be of considerable value to all those concerned with the advancement and understanding of Holocaust education both in the UK and internationally.


Dr Alice Pettigrew, Professor Stuart FosterPaul Salmons, Jonathan Howson

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