Impact internationally

The Centre’s world-leading expertise, ground-breaking studies and pioneering research-informed CPD programmes have gained international recognition. Since 2009, organisations across the world have drawn on the Centre’s research for their own work and continue to do so today.

Please accept this as evidence of the value, not just in England but in Holocaust education institutions around the world, of the work of the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education. Our work at the Levine Institute for Holocaust Education of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum continues to benefit in a number of ways by working cooperatively with UCL Centre for Holocaust Education (CHE).

  • Peter Fredlake, Director, Teacher Education and Special Programs, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DCView the full statement

The Center is concerned with history being used and abused in order to deliver simplistic, catchy messages, slogans and lessons which oversimplify history and historical understanding. By the Center’s approach the teachers can help their students to begin to relate seriously to history and eventually also to the current world surrounding them. They are given tools which will help them in their future life to look into reality in a complex and deep manner which will also assist them in making more profound judgments in their lives.

As Holocaust education is expanding throughout the globe beyond the European continent, and new initiatives are blooming in a variety of cultural and national contexts, high quality research and effective teaching and learning approaches such as those provided by the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education are urgent and indispensable. A new generation of pupils is now coming that will not have any direct relation with this terrible event, and will never have encounters with a survivor or even a witness of those times. In addition to deepening their knowledge of history, teachers therefore need thorough guidance as pedagogies evolve so as to make complex ideas and knowledge accessible to a new generation of hyper-connected young people. It is the reason why UNESCO has involved on several occasions UCL Centre for Holocaust Education representatives in its projects in the past years: in public events, publications, as well as guidance for research projects.

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