Teachers need urgent help to address the war in Israel and Gaza and its impact on relations in classrooms, corridors and communities

Traumatic events in the current Israel-Gaza conflict are presenting many teachers with increasing challenges in the classroom as dangerous narratives (often myths found in the darker recesses of the internet) take hold. At the UCL Centre for Holocaust education, we have always taken an evidence-based approach, so we concluded that that if we are to meaningfully address these issues, we first need to understand what is going on at a classroom level.

To that end, we recently consulted with lead teachers working in our national network of more than 200 ‘Beacon Schools’ in Holocaust education. To claim that evidence reported by teachers was universally grim would be an exaggeration, but the picture that emerged is very disconcerting…


Featured in Schools Week, 5 December 2023

Image: schoolsweek.co.uk

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