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In May 2022, the results of the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF) were published. This is a system for assessing the quality of research in higher education institutions (HEIs), based on three elements including the quality of the impact of research. For this, HEIs submitted impact case studies to demonstrate the impacts of their research beyond academia. The UCL Centre for Holocaust Education was selected as one of UCL’s impact case studies, attesting to the magnitude of our work.

Our case study was able to showcase our teacher development programme benefitting thousands of English secondary teachers, transforming classroom practice, and enriching the knowledge and understanding of millions of students. Our research resulted in the production of the Centre’s ground-breaking school textbook, centrally informed the UK government’s national Holocaust Learning Centre and led to the development of a pre-service teacher-training programme for UNESCO, employed in more than 60 countries worldwide.

The case studies were graded for quality and 92.3% of UCL’s impact was rated 4*, which denotes outstanding impacts in terms of reach and significance. The UCL Centre for Holocaust Education is extremely proud to have been selected as an impact case study, contributing to UCL’s fantastic results. Find out more about UCL’s REF submission:



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