The Centre is pleased to launch three resources to support teachers and schools marking Holocaust Memorial Day 2022 by leading discussion of its theme ‘One Day’. Based upon one day, one moment, one turning point, in the life of Leon Greenman and his family, this material provides stimuli for tutor time, lesson or assembly discussion and reflection, suitable for KS3, 4 and 5 groups.

These discussion and reflection stimuli are based on a range of the Centre’s existing materials and CPD that explores the life and legacy of Leon Greenman and his family. These materials look to support discussion in tutor time or pastoral, curriculum and enrichment settings to enable young people to consider the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust’s national theme. Learn more about the 2022 theme.

In addition to our our arrest of the arrest of Leon Greenman and his family, by Dutch collaborators to the Nazis, in October, 1942, materials and discussion questions, you may like to consider the opportunities HMD2022 provides by linking it to the #Leon111 initiative, or to whole school literacy. Read more.

In coming weeks, we will be raising awareness of Holocaust Memorial Day by publishing guest blog posts and with social media engagement. Please do let us know how you are marking #HMD2022 in your school using our @UCL_Holocaust twitter handle.

A range of HMD ‘Dates to Remember’ resources and materials, events and initiatives can also be found via our HMD partner’s website – these are particularly helpful for thinking about genocide and mass atrocity more broadly, tackling denial, minimisation and distortion – so do check that out and see how it can complement your Beacon School work, UCL materials, citizenship, safeguarding and school values.

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